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+Where can I buy monsters?

All of our monsters are available online through

Our mini monsters are available from select retailers across Canada and the US. 

+Where do you ship?

Our monsters love to travel and can be shipped all over the world thanks to the good people at Canada Post.

+What is the difference between your plush editions?

We have three different types of plush monster lines:  Studio Edition Plush , Mini Plush and Limited Edition Plush.

+Mini Edition

Mini monsters are our retail plush line. These monsters are designed in Canada and manufactured in China. Though these monsters may be more “mini” in size than most of our studio edition plush, they still maintain our signature design style and adhere to our high quality production standards. Minis are available through our online store and studio, and are sold through select retailers across North America.

+Studio Edition

Studio Edition monsters are made by hand in short runs at the Monster Factory’s Toronto location. They are available exclusively online and through the Monster Factory studio.

+Limited Edition

Limited Edition monsters are made by hand in numbered runs at the Monster Factory Studio.
Limited Edition monsters are produced in numbered editions, fixed runs, or as one of a kind toys. Once sold out these monsters do not go back into production.
If quantities are available our limited monsters can be purchased online, from our studio or through an exclusive seller.

+What are monsters made of?

Monsters are primarily made of micro polar fleece. The same kind of material you would find in a fleece jacket. It is 100% polyester and hypoallergenic. Additionally some monsters have hand-stitched vinyl eyes (ex. Colin) and others have silk-screened faces (ex. Kyle).

+What are monsters filled with?

Contrary to popular belief monsters are not filled with foam. They are stuffed with the same material as most plush toys: polyfil. The difference with monsters is that they are hand-stuffed with a very soft stuffing which provides the full bodied feeling that sets monsters apart from other plush.

+Can I put my monster in the washing machine?

Yes. On our tags we recommend surface washing only. The fleece actually cleans up very well with a damp cloth (sometimes with a little soap) so it’s rarely necessary to put them through the wash. Having said that, they can be machine washed, with care, in case of emergency (grape juice spill?). A delicate, cold water cycle works best. Afterwards care must be taken to ensure that they are dried thoroughly to avoid dampness in the middle of the stuffing.

+How do I keep my monster(s) looking good?

We find a lint brush cleans off the monsters nicely and for any surface blemishes we recommend using a damp cloth to gently wipe the area clean.

+Can I suggest a name or characteristics?

You can certainly suggest names or characteristics to us, but because we get a lot of suggestions there is no guarantee they will be used.

+Do you do Custom orders?

Due to the nature of monster making - it takes a lot of time to design and create monsters - we do not do individual custom orders.


We are open to creative collaborations. Just send us an email at